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God’s Overwhelming Grace

May 9, 2012

I wanted to share a remarkable video that his really struck a chord with me recently. This hits upon the theme of God’s unmerited but extravagant love for us… God’s grace. We talk about this and hear about it all the time, but I believe we enter into a pretty amazing place spiritually when God’s grace becomes palpable. This video paints a picture that helps get there.

The Story of Ian Larissa

From this morning’s Spurgeon devotion, “Morning and Evening”:

In the everlasting settlements of predestinating wisdom and omnipotent decree, the eye of the Lord Jesus was ever fixed on us; and we may rest assured that in the whole roll of destiny there is not a line which militates against the interests of His redeemed. The great betrothal of the Prince of Glory is ours, for it is to us that He is affianced, as the sacred nuptials shall ere long declare to an assembled universe. The marvellous incarnation of the God of heaven, with all the amazing condescension and humiliation which attended it, is ours. The bloody sweat, the scourge, the cross, are ours for ever. Whatever blissful consequences flow from perfect obedience, finished atonement, resurrection, ascension, or intercession, all are ours by His own gift. Upon His breastplate he is now bearing our names; and in His authoritative pleadings at the throne He remembers our persons and pleads our cause. His dominion over principalities and powers, and His absolute majesty in heaven, He employs for the benefit of them who trust in Him. His high estate is as much at our service as was His condition of abasement. He who gave Himself for us in the depths of woe and death, doth not withdraw the grant now that He is enthroned in the highest heavens.

Suffering sets us up nicely to be the recipients of God’s grace and his unmerited favor. It puts us in a position of need; it awakens our longings and exposes our heart allegiances like a life on cruise control will never do.

But He loves to come through and provide for us in ways that are surprising and illuminate the truth that, “yes, He knows what He is doing.” My last post on God’s Provision Through Special Women is a great example of that. In some ways I prayed for this and He loved coming through on that, but mostly, He has risen up folks in ways I never would’ve imagined to love on the kids and care for us as a family.

It is as if He gives us what is most loving, and when we get wind of that, it is overwhelming. Much of the time, He doesn’t give us what we constantly ask for, because His wisdom is so much higher than ours. It is like this with kids. My kids are always asking for candy and TV. Because I love them, I do give to them extensively, but I do not give them candy and TV, just because they ask for it.

Get in touch with God’s lavish love for you today. He doesn’t just love you either, He likes you and He chooses you!

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  1. Tracy permalink

    I really appreciate your blog and actually found this by accident when I read about the necklace created in honor of Sydney. Thank you for being so honest during what is clearly an extremely difficult and challenging time. I recently lost my sister to lung cancer and am currently walking through the journey of grace.

    I wish you and your children well.

  2. sharon cooke permalink

    Something in today’s post reminded me of John Donne’s wonderful holy sonnet,”Batter my heart, three personed God.”

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